Adult Classes


Foundational Truths of Christianity

These classes are designed to provide a basic foundation for building your Christian life. It's a great beginning for new Christians, and can serve as a good refresher to bring any Christian back to the basics. These classes are taught once a year.

Please check the church bulletin or the events page of our web site for specific times, dates and location.

There are 4 Sessions taught over the course of 4 Sundays.

Course outline

  1. Session One - "The Origin of Sin, and the Need for Salvation"

  2. Session Two - "Now that I Have Received Jesus Christ as Savior, What Comes Next?"

  3. Session Three - "The Ministry of Jesus Christ and me

  4. Session Four - "Why Should I Believe The Bible?


Marriage Foundation & Enhancement

Marriage Foundation & Enhancement classes occur in March and September on Saturday mornings from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Through these discussion based class sessions we will learn sound Biblical principles and instructions for building and enhancing a Godly marriage.

Please check the church bulletin or events page of our web site for specific times, dates and location.


Life Matters Class

This interactive class allows people to ask questions and share their personal experiences about the Biblical topics being covered. We will meet at 11:00am in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.

Enjoy coffee and snacks as you learn and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Come and join us; see firsthand what we're all about.

11: 00 AM